"Learn How To Sing 
with Indrani Mukherjee ... 
even if you have no previous experience"
Learn the skills to sing confidently on our new twelve-week course.  You will have access to a top-class teacher, from the comfort of your home with all of the lessons, recordings, resources and personal feedback that you need to make sure that you can make progress!

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Course starts on Saturday 7 August 2021

Do you want to learn from a world class performer and gain the skills to confidently sing songs, bhajan, kirtan or classical? 


I'm Nirmal Singh, founder of Darbar Academy and I am passionate about sharing Indian music.  

Have you always wanted to sing?

Did you always dream of learning from a top performing musician but could never get access?

Perhaps you are a musician who feels that learning to sing Indian vocal will enhance your musical journey, and give you greater depth of knowledge about this art form?

If you are on a musical journey, keep reading as I have some great news for you.

The Darbar Academy wants to help you learn from the world's finest musicians,  from the comfort of your home.

No need to travel to classes, wait around in classrooms or pay high teaching fees.

Darbar Academy even has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can try our online course with no risk whatsoever. 

I have been studying and testing new systems of teaching to figure out the the best way to teach Indian music to our students all over the world with the aid of technology.  This new course is the result of researching the best in innovative teaching methods. 

We are committed to giving everyone access to high quality teaching from the world's finest musicians through our online classes - regardless of your current level, knowledge or musical background.

I've got an amazing twelve-week course for you called "Learn to sing with Indrani Mukherjee".  In this one course, you will get access to basic and intermediate classes and materials to ensure that you strong understanding and foundations to improve your singing ability.  

This course is easy to follow and gives you a step-by-step practice plan to get in-tune and singing your first raag fast!

Register today and join our class.  

How to learn the foundation steps to sing properly and be able to recognise notes and even sing a simple raag composition with variations in 12 weeks

Learn how to sing properly and how to 
avoid the mistakes that most people make

How this course will help you

- You will be learning from a high-quality performing artist who has been studying and teaching vocal music for many years.

- This course content has been tried and tested for decades, delivered with new technologies and learning structures, so you will be getting a fast-track system to learn to sing in the comfort of your own home.

- This will help you sing in tune. 

- You will be able to recognise notes and sing without the aid of a harmonium.

- If you have always dreamed of singing, this course is for you – without the hassle of travelling to see your teacher or waiting around in a group class.

- You will have a 100% money back guarantee. If after two lessons you feel that this course will not massively improve your singing we will give your money back, no questions asked, just send us an email.   

What our learners say about
Darbar Academy
This course is surely a game-changer
in the way India classical music is taught and delivered.
Rajeev, USA
The course is an excellent concept and all credit to Darbar for designing the course and indeed for all the hardwork that goes into it to make it happen. The online platform helps in the current times and also the scope for feedback.
Abhay, UK
My foundational concepts of Indian singing are getting cleared.  
This workshop is really helping with those and most importantly the voice culture. 
Pushpita, India
The structure of the course makes so much sense to improve voice culture, tone, and range. I've never had such systematic guidance before with notations outlined to guide my singing.
Gagandeep, Canada
I am elated after each class.
Bishal, UK

Proven 12 week formula 
to improve your singing

~ You will be learning from Indrani Mukherjee

I want to give you a quick background on her - Indrani Mukherjee is a vocalist from Kolkata, who performs khayal in the Kirana-Rampur style and thumri in Purab Ang – this flourished in the eastern regions of North India and is characterised by grace, tenderness and delicate tonal embellishments.

Indrani has a fantastic artistic repertoire; Her training brings a unique focus to the literature behind all bandishes (compositions). In her renditions, she has developed an aesthetic blend of lyrics, tala and laya (tempo) which express the emotions of a raga in it's totality. Mukherjee has performed at the Darbar festival and has been working with us for several years.

She initially started learning from her mother, aunt and then trained with her maternal grandfather Sanjib Banerjee. Later she went to study under Pandit Arun Bhaduri, Vidushi Purnima Choudhary, Pandit Ramashreya Jha and Vidushi Manju Sundaram.

Indrani was a scholar of the prestigious ITC Sangeet Research Academy. She has been teaching students of all levels for many years. For the last 10 years she has taken to online teaching, reaching out to beginners and advanced students alike across geographical boundaries.

She is passionate about teaching and giving everyone access to her knowledge.  Indrani believes that online teaching is an excellent medium which gives even wider access to music lovers from all over the world. 
Who is this course for? 
This course is for anyone who wants to learn about Indian vocal music. You do not need any singing experience or raag knowledge to join this course.  

This course will definitely help you if:

- You want to learn to sing.  

- You started learning years ago but were unable to maintain or keep up the classes due to other commitments. 

- You are retired and have always loved Indian music and want to invest time doing the things that you love most. 

- You want your children to learn from a top quality teacher with a systematic approach. 

We also have two classes.  One at a slow pace for beginners and another which is challenging for intermediate singers who have more time for practice.  
 Follow a step by step learning and practise plan to get in tune and singing your first raag fast

Are you one of those people that has always wanted to sing but never had the confidence to get started?  This might be because of lack of resources and teachers or even because you were scared of failure.

Are you a western musician who has always wanted to know about Indian ragas but did not know how to get started?

Do you lack the confidence of singing publicly and need professional guidance from an experienced teacher? 

Have you been told: “You are not singing in tune!”?  Our teacher will help you overcome this and give you confidence.    

There are many reasons why you did not begin your journey, but here's one to start today with 100% confidence that you will get the support that you need.  
Register today and join our course - Learn to sing your first raag in 12 weeks
8 simple steps to improve your singing
  • Decision: Make a commitment today and start your journey. 
  • Register now: Probably the easiest part - you can do this with 100% confidence.  But, nothing will change if you do not register!  
  • Attend the lessons: Attend 12 classes for the coming weeks and submit the weekly homework.
  • Homework: Complete the daily exercises and send in homework every week.
  • ​Immersion: The fastest way to learn is to immerse yourself into this for the next 12 weeks - go on, take a deep dive today! 
  • ​​Practice: This is the most essential - you MUST practise daily - this is something that you will have have to do :)
  • ​​​Feedback: You will get weekly feedback on your homework for continued growth and improvement.  
  • Repeat: When you repeat this action for 12 weeks you will make fantastic progress!  
Can I book 1 to 1 private lessons?
YES.  All of our registered students will get the option to upgrade so that they can get additional 1 to 1 lessons with Indrani Ji.  

You see, if we all started to book 1 to 1 sessions there would be absolutely no time left for any of us to get lessons!  We have found that the weekly live group sessions work best for learners and the sharing of notations and recordings.  It also means that we can keep costs down.  

You can book 3 x 1 to 1 sessions with Indrani Ji.  More info will be provided to you once you register for the course through the links on this page.   
What people say about Indrani Mukherjee

Indrani Mukherjee is an asset to our Classical Music. God has bestowed on Earth a gem unforgettable and eternal.
Debasis Bhowmick
Your performances are truly heart pleasing, 
mind pleasing and soul pleasing. 
Shruti Bade 
She has a spiritual aura in her singing and demeanor. 
Sankar Narayanan 
What her students say: 

Absolutely love the teaching sessions with Indrani ji. They are so very well organised and structured. Each session is so informative and so packed with content. I'm overwhelmed with Indrani Jis kindness in sharing all of her knowledge so openly. This course has gone above and beyond all my expectations.  
Gobind, UK

She is not just my teacher but a deeply knowledgeable Guru 
who always helps to enrich my singing style 
with her unwavering attention, fine tuning, guidance, support 
and sharing of her expertise in music.  
Simontiny, Kharagpur 

I have aced the Hindustani classical with online classes … 
it is because of her I am moving towards perfection 
in each and every aspect of my singing.  
Ankita, Hyderabad. 

Her way of expressing emotions of Raag and teaching it 
at very beginning is something very unique. 
 Learning from her is a great experience! 
Vinay, Bangalore

The practice of Indian singing helps me to improve my singing practice in general. I always feel confident with Indrani, 
she is very professional in the way she teaches. 
Camille, France

Q1 - What is the lesson format?
The lesson will generally include: theory, practical vocal exercises, time to practice, introduce the homework and practice routine to get you to the next level for the next lesson.

Q2 - Will there be homework?
Yes. There will be practical vocal training exercises issued on a weekly basis. Students will need to submit homework for review and feedback.

Q3 - Do I need any experience?
No. This course is designed for all people, the important part is you must have an urge to learn vocal music and the commitment to do daily practice during the course.

Q4 - What language are the lessons in?
Lessons will be conducted in English. There will be reference to Indian words during the lecture demonstrations, this will be broken down into English medium.

Q5 - Will there be handouts?
Yes. You will receive lesson notations and sargams in written form. These are only a guide and students are encouraged to practice without looking at notes.

Q6 - Is the course for children or adults?
The course is aimed at adults. We feel that children who have a natural interest in Indian classical music will also be able to benefit from the lessons. The key ingredient is a personal love for the music.

Q7 - Can I do the class on my mobile phone?
Yes, it is possible to view the class on a mobile phone. Headphones are recommended to get the highest quality audio during the lessons. Naturally, a larger screen will provide easier viewing of the class.

Q8 - What happens if I miss a live class?
No issue - you will have access to all lessons in your private members areas so that you can catch up and also start your homework practice. 

Q9 - What can I do after this course – is there a progression route for me?
This is a foundation course and a building block for further studies. We will be offering further courses with complex lessons and styles. We are already talking with teachers about courses that we will be delivered in the coming months.  

Q10 - Is the weekly lesson live?
Yes. Our research and experience has taught us that the best way for students to learn is to attend a weekly class and get weekly homework and feedback.  

Q11 - Do I need a harmonium?
No. This course encourages learners to sing with tanpura and identify notes without the aid of further instruments.

Q12 - I learn western music, can I join the course as an observer so that I can appreciate more about Indian music?
Yes. This is an excellent idea and you are most welcome to join the course.  Please let us know your aims and objectives prior to starting the sessions.  Many western people have already benefitted from our previous course.  Many of them have successfully started their singing journey with us. 

Q13 - I want to learn on a part time basis, will I improve during this course?
Yes. Most definitely. Consistent daily practice is the key to seeing improvements during this course. It is ideal for people who enjoy music for their own personal pleasure.

Q14 - There are two of us at home, can we join the class together at the same price?
You are both welcome to join us at no extra cost. However, we will only be able to track and give feedback to one of the learners, this will be the person whose name is registered on the course. It is always great to involve the whole family and it is even more enjoyable to practice and sing together. We definitely encourage this.  If you want to get your lesson assessed contact: 

Q15 - I already sing kirtan / bhajan / folk - will this course help me?
Most definitely. This course will help you identify and sing notes more accurately so that you can improve your singing and presentation.  It will help you tune up and strengthen your voice projection for regular singing.

Q16 - How do I access the class?
The classes will be held through your personal members login area.  You can attend via PC, tablet or mobile phone.  They will available in the login area.  

Q17 - Will I be able to effectively learn through a computer?  
Yes. The entire world has shifted during the Covid pandemic and many teachers now give online lessons. Students from all of the world have experienced the benefits of learning Indian classical music online.  Our research says, students have prefer online as opposed to physical lessons as they have made huge progress because of easy accessibility.  While we believe that nothing can replace physical teaching, in the given situation, virtual teaching is the next best thing – it gives major benefits with a wider reach for people all over the world.  

Q18 - I am busy on Saturdays, are there any other times or days available?
No problem.  You can catchup on the lessons in your private login areas as the recordings will be available 24 hours after the lesson.    

Q19 - Do I need my own Tanpura for the classes?
Don't worry if you do not have a 'real' tanpura.  As a beginner, it is best to use a tanpura app. There are lots of free apps available for Android and Apple devices.  Connecting the phone to a speaker is also super useful and recommended during practice.  This will also mean that you do not have any 'tuning' issues.  

Q20 - What is the exact lesson schedule and timing for the classes?
All of the classes will be taking place at the same time every week for the 12 week course. The beginner class starts at 3pm (UK time) and the intermediate class starts at 5pm. Please work out the time for your own country of residence.  Lessons start on Saturday 7 August 2021    

Q21 - Should I do the basic / intermediate class? 
You will get access to lessons, resources and all materials for both of the classes.  The most important thing is to understand your current ability and time that you can have to prepare the weekly homework.  Indrani Ji and our team will help guide you onto the correct class.  

Q22 - Can I attend both classes? 
Yes, most definitely.  Some of our students are attending the live beginner class and submitting weekly homework for this class and also watching the intermediate class to gain an even deeper appreciation about the genre.  We want to give you the very best possible journey through the course.  

When You Register for the course 
You will get:
BENEFIT #1 - 12 Live 60-minute lessons 
with Indrani Mukherjee - this will give you indepth foundational knowledge.
You actually have access to both sets of lessons, this is a total of 24 lessons that you can view.
BENEFIT #2 - Access to our private login area so that you can catch up on lessons that you might have missed and also watch the lessons to gain deeper understanding and further revision.  
BENEFIT #3 - Access to a professional performer and teacher with no time or money spent on travelling.  Many of us have spent thousands on travel to meet with teachers and even more waiting for lessons!   
BENEFIT #4 - Homework and excercises to improve your singing + feedback on your weekly progress
BENEFIT #5 - Weekly audio recording to help guide you in your daily practice - the right practice makes you perfect. 
There is no catch!
I'm doing this because I believe that everyone should have access to high quality, experienced teachers at an affordable price without having to physically travel long distances, taking up lots of time and costing lots of money.

All you need to do is register and you can get started on the course on Saturday 7 August 2021.    

Everybody that we have spoken to about this course feels that this is an amazing opportunity at an unbelievable price. There is no catch whatsoever. Darbar Academy is committed to providing high-quality classes and teaching to people from all backgrounds, wherever they are based in the world, at an affordable price.

You will get lessons from a performing artist, who has a track record of teaching and want to share their knowledge with people passionate about Indian classical music. We believe that this is the best way to share the beauty of this art form with even wider audiences.

Darbar Academy is committed to giving you high quality lessons at affordable prices.  We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can register on join the course with no risk at all.   

Time Is Of The Essence...
We will be closing registration on 5 August 2021. Please make sure that you register before this time. 
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If after two lessons you feel that this course is not for you, send us an email we will fully refund your money. 

This means that you get 2 lessons absolutely free of cost - consider this a gift from Darbar Academy to you :) 
WARNING: This is a practical course and lasting change / improvements will not come through listening alone. You will need to practice daily to create improvement. Either way, if you are you not 100% satisfied just send an email to me at nirmal@darbar,org and I will make a full refund for your payment - no issue at all. 

Don't miss out - Act Fast!
Registration closes:   midnight 5 August 2021  
Have you dreamt of singing but could never make this a priority?

Have you considered that you could also be a good singer? 

Has travel, time, cost, and access to a top class teacher always been a problem? 

Darbar Academy has worked hard to develop this course - join us and fulfil your dream!  

I know this course will sing in tune and with confidence. Join us on this journey today. 

Let Indrani give you the road map and proven formula for improvements in leaps bounds - all within the space of 12 weeks. 

Let's make that life-changing transformation.      

Thanks again,
Nirmal Singh  

Only £125 for 12 lessons  

What this normally cost most students

  • ​12 x Live Beginner Lessons with Indrani Mukherjee (Value £480)​
  • ​​12 x Live Intermediate Lessons with Indrani Mukherjee (Value £480)​
  • Access to one of India’s finest teachers with no travelling (Value £1,000)
  • ​Weekly homework feedback (Value £Priceless)
  • ​Weekly audio recordings to follow in daily practice (Value £240)

This would normally cost over £2,000
Only £125 for the whole 12 week course

Yes. You got it right that is around £10 per lesson.

I know this sounds crazy, but we really want you to make a start on your musical journey, and we are 100% committed.  This course provides excellent value for money so that everyone can have access to a high level of teaching.

Most of us have paid anything between £20 - £75 per lesson to learn from a musician with this level of expertise.  Since this is our launch phase we want everyone to benefit at an affordable price.  

We all know that with tuition fees, travel time and other expenses, learning music becomes very expensive. Darbar Academy is committed to keeping Indian classical music affordable and accessible for all.   
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